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Our Courses

Office Management

There are several benefits for students to learn Microsoft Office management, including:

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Social Media Marketing

It involves creating, publishing, and distributing content 

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Web Development

Web Development is the process of designing, creating, and maintaining websites and web applications.

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Networking & System Installation

Networking refers to the practice of connecting computer systems and devices to share data.

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Advance English
  • Advance English refers to a level of proficiency in the English language that goes beyond the basic understanding of grammar and vocabulary.
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Basic English Language
  • Basic English is a simplified form of the English language that is designed to be easy for non-native speakers to understand and use.
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Computerized Accounting

Computerized Accounting refers to the use of computers and specialized software to perform accounting tasks and record financial transactions.

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Diploma In Web Technology

Web Technology refers to the various tools, techniques, developing, designing, and deploying websites and web-based applications.

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E-Commerce Training
  • Introduction to Daraz
  • Understanding Daraz & E-Commerce
Computerized Accounting
  • Basic Accounting Introduction
  • Advance Microsoft Excel
  • Peachtree
Computer Architecure Designing

Fundamental Drawing 

Fundamental of Auto Cad

AutoCad (2D)

AutoCad (3D)

Video Editing

Fundamental of Graphic Designing 

Adobe PhotoshopCC

Adobe After Effect

Adobe Premier